Helping People Help Themselves Emotionally


When we are faced with life’s emotional, difficult, challenges, a wall of loneliness and silence can divide us from others, as we are unable to share our problems. 


The range of issues is huge and covers all age groups: parenting, growing old in this country, grief and loss, caregiving, addiction, work life balance and depression to name a few. We all want help without sacrificing our privacy. 


The hardest part is finding out more about the problem and finding out where to begin to get help locally. 

                                              What We Do

We provide reliable information on professional support resources in Westchester on our website and raise awareness through education.  We will sponsor 3 -  4 educational events a year, based on a variety of topics that span different age groups and interests. The website updates will be tied to the topics that were discussed.  


Please note, we do not recommend specific therapists or psychiatrists as this is the purview of primary doctors.

                                              Our Mission

  • To provide the Westchester Indian-American community with tools to manage life’s emotional challenges while respecting user privacy 

  • To provide well-researched, comprehensive information on available support and resources in Westchester

  • To educate and raise awareness by hosting guest lectures, panel discussions and forums for free interchange of ideas   


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